A journey through each key stage


At 6 months

Babies will be discovering the world around them, using their senses and will often become fascinated with their own hands. They are now beginning to become more physically confident and may sit and reach for items of interest.

babies playing with baby dolls


At 1 year

Children are starting to embark on taking their first steps and will cruise around a room to discover experiences that excite them. They have awareness of the adults around them and may seek comfort from those they have built bonds with. Children at this stage will display a great sense of pride when babbling their thoughts and are now starting to use single words.

Staff teaching a baby to hit the drums.


At 2 years

Children’s neurological pathways erupt at 2 years old and they become extremely inquisitive about the world around them. They start to play alongside others and begin to communicate their needs and relish in exploring their physical boundaries by crawling through tunnels and jumping into puddles.

Staff using makaton/sign language with toddler in the home corner


At 3 years

Now that your child has turned 3 years old, they are wanting to know more about their community, asking the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions. They are beginning to form long-lasting friendships and share experiences with their peers, often role modelling those that have had an impact on them.

staff and children playing with some natural resources during a provocation


At 4 to 5 years

Between the ages of 4 to 5 years old, children have a greater understanding of themselves and are able to make decisions within their everyday life. They are beginning to understand the concept of humour and will often enjoy sharing a joke or two with others.

Children on bikes during a Bikeworks training day


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How children learn

We understand how children learn and provide wonderful learning experiences every day.

Child going down a slide with staff member helping


We take safeguarding extremely seriously. Read more about how we safeguard the children in our care.

Staff and child outside in the garden practicing risky play and jumping off some crates.

Health and safety

An overview of health and safety procedures in our nurseries.

staff and children playing with dinosaurs

Doubling Down

Funding 15 extra hours for children trapped in poverty