What we offer

Our fee structure varies from nursery to nursery. In parts of London where it is more expensive to provide a high-quality service, the fees are higher. We don’t charge any extra fees for meals, all children receive the same healthy and nutritious meals and snacks.

We offer standard plans of two to five days per week, or five half-days.

We also have Government-funded hours only options, which are two sessions a week all year round or three sessions a week term-time only. Not all options are available at all nurseries.

We offer term-time only places within selected nurseries.

Generally, we aren’t able to offer pick and mix sessions, for example, two full days and one-afternoon session, as we need to run the nursery efficiently and not have empty sessions.

Fee structure

LEYF nursery fees are always paid monthly in advance, on the first day of the month. When your child joins us, there is a registration fee.

In most of our nurseries, we operate different pricing for under 3s and over 3s. Children who are under 3 need higher levels of staffing and more space to sleep, so under 3 fees are higher.

We will give you detailed pricing information once you have selected your nursery and preferred days. We will also provide the complete fee sheet for your nursery of choice.

We offer a discount on full-time places.

We offer a 10% sibling discount for the oldest child.

Four-day places and morning places are charged at a premium rate, as these often result in unsold sessions at the nursery.

Please note that private hours purchased alongside free Government-funded hours are charged at a higher rate.

Subject to availability, extra sessions are available to purchase, up to two weeks in advance.

All offer letters will include a deposit payment in addition to a registration fee of £100 (non-refundable) which will need to be paid to secure your child’s nursery place. The deposit is half a month’s fees and is payable upon acceptance of an offer.

How do we calculate our fees?

For children who attend all year round, places are charged at a fixed monthly rate. This is based on a 52-week year, split over 12 months.

Term-time only places are charged monthly, based on the number of term-time sessions in the month.

Discounts for siblings and/or full-time places are applied after factoring in the funded hours.

Fees for any extra sessions are added to the next monthly bill. Discounts do not apply to extra sessions.


LEYF’s social enterprise model is designed to maximise our ability to give all children access to high quality Early Years education.

LEYF invests all surplus back into the business, which allows us to operate some of our nurseries in London’s most disadvantaged areas, and to offer funded places at many of our nurseries.

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Funded places

As a registered charity and social enterprise, we offer high quality childcare at the most competitive and affordable rates.

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Funding for 2‑year‑olds

Find out more about how to access childcare funding for your child.

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Funding for 3- and 4-year-olds

Find out more about how to access nursery funding for your child.

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Universal Credit

Universal Credit recipients may be eligible to claim back up to 85% of their childcare costs.

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Tax-Free Childcare

Frequently asked questions and resources.

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Help for parents studying

If you are a parent currently studying, you could be eligible for financial support.