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Visit LEYF Open Days June 2019

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Gardening At LEYF

Gardening is part of LEYF’s sustainable approach. Gardening helps our children learn new skills such as planning and organising; learn about the food chain and healthy eating; and teaches them responsibility. In a world threatened by climate change and wasteful destructive behaviour we help children understand how to behave from the earliest age so they learn to care for their planet.

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30 Hours free child care

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Our 30 Hours free funded Childcare

LEYF Nurseries are offering the Extended Entitlement (30 Hours of Funded Childcare) at the majority of our Nurseries. As a working parent you may be entitled to the government's extended offer for 3 and 4 year olds, check the government 'childcare choices' website for more details.

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Our Benefits

Advantages for all

LEYF knows that it’s often difficult to find childcare that’s both appropriate and affordable. Thankfully, as well as being flexible our nursery care is also first-class, offering a positive education for children and a simple process for their parents. We also pride ourselves on being an exceptional place to pursue a career in childcare.

Our approach

Affordable, Quality Childcare


We’ve created our own unique pedagogy with 7 key areas

  • A Culture of Excellence

  • Spiral Curriculum

  • Enabling Environments

  • Harmonious Relationships

  • Safe, Fit and Healthy

  • Home Learning

  • Multigenerational Approach

"The only place I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter"
"Well done on caring for individual needs and creating a fun environment"
"The staff are very kind and helpful.....everything about this nursery is fantastic"
June LEYF Nurseries

June's Blog

June is a champion of community-based, multi-generational early years education as the basis for greater social cultural capital to deliver long-term social impact.

June's Blog