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Nurturing. Brave. Inspiring. Fun.

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LEYF Nurseries

Nurturing. Brave. Inspiring. Fun.

For Parents

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Changing the world, one child at a time

Together with families and communities we enable each child to be the best they can be through wonderful experiences that enrich and extend their learning. Our children often surprise us with their philosophical takes on the world. Children at our Soho Nursery made a video that shows how they feel about transitioning to school...

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LEYF Chef Academy

London has one of the highest child obesity rates in the world. In July, we launched the LEYF Early Years Chef Academy, the first of its kind in the country. Our aim is to set standards in the sector and help tackle rising levels of obesity in young children. Healthy eating has always been very important at LEYF. Some of our own nursery chefs are the first to train for this specialist qualification at our new training kitchen at our Stockwell Gardens Nursery in South London.

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Our Benefits

Advantages for all

LEYF knows that it’s often difficult to find childcare that’s both appropriate and affordable. Thankfully, as well as being flexible our nursery care is also first-class, offering a positive education for children and a simple process for their parents. We also pride ourselves on being an exceptional place to pursue a career in childcare.

Our approach

We’ve created our own unique pedagogy with 7 key areas

  • A Culture of Excellence

  • Spiral Curriculum

  • Enabling Environments

  • Harmonious Relationships

  • Safe, Fit and Healthy

  • Home Learning

  • Multigenerational Approach

"The only place I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter"
"Well done on caring for individual needs and creating a fun environment"
"The staff are very kind and helpful.....everything about this nursery is fantastic"
June LEYF Nurseries

June's Blog

June is a champion of community-based, multi-generational early years education as the basis for greater social cultural capital to deliver long-term social impact.

June's Blog