Save the Curly from Losing Its Wurly

March 12th 2019

I have taken Brexit like the rest of the UK, a bit like a grief response, shock, anger, fear, sadness and gradual acceptance but a small piece of satirical news has bounced me right back into the anger phase.

Even if it is fake news, this is too much. Mrs May must up her game and not worry about back stops.  She has to save the Curly Wurly.

At LEYF the Curly Wurly is of great significance, and I mean great!  A Curly Wurly is the symbol of something extraordinary. I chose it years ago because of it being so iconic. It is an extraordinary shaped chocolate. Which other bar is made from an intricate crochet stitch?

Finding a symbol to celebrate extraordinary practice on both a random basis as well as at the Annual New Year Awards Party is no mean feat. That’s why the Curly Wurly is great.  It’s the perfect symbol to reward the extraordinary.


And it works! LEYF staff, no matter what their role, value their Curly Wurly Award. One member of staff has never eaten the four Curly Wurlys he received over a period of 10 years. They are attached to his noticeboard for everyone to see.

When you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy I place the Curly Wurly right in the middle.

So, to all those buying perkboxes and fancy prizes to support staff, it’s nice but it will never be a metaphor for extraordinary like a Curly Wurly.

Dear Cadbury’s I hope you are not going to capitulate.  Don’t let the Curly lose its Wurly.