Ofsted a go go….

September 11th 2013

The #OfstedBigConversation kicks off around the country on Friday.

Here is the plan:

So far, each group has between 30 and 40 people signed up and a great many unable to attend but they are with us in spirit. The purpose of the meetings is not to collect evidence of people’s unhappy experience, sadly we have plenty of that, but to create a platform and produce a national response to the current Ofsted approach that can be shared with parents, the press, advisors, supporters and local MPs.

The social media approach has meant that we have had a great connection with one another and the vibe is lively and positive. People in the sector are genuinely supportive of each other and believe that good preschool care and education is beneficial for all children but especially those from poor backgrounds.  We want to get it right and recognise the need for a regulator which can be trusted to support this desire in a way that is fair, accountable and effective.

The Meeting

We have agreed that our shared tone of the meetings will be supportive, constructive and intelligent.

Please see the agenda that we have drawn up for the day. OfstedBigConversation


Good luck chairing.

Record your responses in the format agreed.  Keep it to two pages.  Less is more!

Send to Catriona Nason catriona@daycaredoctor.co.uk  who will upload everything to the website.

Tweet the outcome of your meeting as much as you can and Laura Henry will add all your tweets onto https://www.scribd.com/doc/166133139/EYTalking-on-OfstedBigConversation

…..And we’re off!!