The LEYF Pedagogy: A vision for our children

The LEYF Pedagogy was written using a range of research. By Pedagogy we mean leading to learn. It’s our way of helping children and staff experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life. The LEYF Pedagogy has seven dimensions, each one integral to the overall delivery of an outstanding service to children. They also incorporate all the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). However, the basis of our success is through the pedagogical leadership of professional, knowledgable and sensitive LEYF staff.


Leading for a Culture of Excellence

Spiral Curriculum

Enabling Environments

Harmonious Relationships

Safe, Fit and Healthy

Home Learning

Multi-Generational Approach


The LEYF Pedagogy is reflective of our social enterprise approach. That means that each element of the Pedagogy is designed to strengthen children’s social and cultural capital through language, social opportunities, cultural experiences and friendships. The seven elements of the Pedagogy are designed to strengthen children’s educational success by widening their network of social relationships and expanding their cultural horizons. So, just by attending a LEYF Nursery, children build social capital through the friendships they make with people from all different backgrounds and their involvement in the local community. Their cultural capital is expanded through a rich language and literacy approach as well as trips to the theatre, museums, parks and libraries.

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