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The way we learn

How we learnWe’re focused on developing children’s natural curiosity and confidence so they leave nursery as inquisitive explorers who love learning. Using academic research, partnerships with international early years organisations and our own internal action research, we’ve created our own unique curriculum with seven key areas.

Leading for a culture of excellence

We believe in what we do and live our values every day.

Spiral curriculum

Extending and supporting children to reach their potential.

Enabling environments

Using the nursery space, indoors and out, to create exciting learning opportunities.

Harmonious relationships

Building loving relationships between staff, children and parents.

Safe, fit and healthy

Nutritious home-cooked food, encouraging our children to be active and keeping them safe.

Home learning

Conversations with parents to extend and enrich children’s development between home and nursery.

Multigenerational approach

Connecting with the local community so families grow together and find their place in a changing world.

"What do I look for as soon as I step into an early years setting? Fun and a real sense of excited purpose by the staff and children. That’s exactly the package you get in every LEYF nursery. I have never seen an organisation that so positively promotes the wellbeing of staff, children and their parents in such a meaningful and vibrant way.”

- Sue Chambers, Early Years Expert

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