Talking Early Years: In Conversation with Prue Leith

April 24th 2024

We are all in a terrific conspiracy, we are all making money from it!

Listen to Prue Leith’s take on obesity… 

In this podcast with Prue Leith, we discover that Prue’s approach to life is summed up by her autobiography “I’d Try Anything Once” and the more she talks, the more you believe it! From posh white girl in South Africa to judge on Bake-Off, food dominates Prue’s career. Her passion is undimmed as is her patience with the stupidity of politicians. She provides an entertaining but thoughtful summary of her efforts to put small children’s health and access to food right at the centre of modern politics.  We might even end up with a Masterchef for Nursery cuisine.

Listen to Prue’s stimulating take on what we should do!