International Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 11th 2015

I just came across The International Random Acts of Kindness Week and was rather intrigued by the campaign. It stuck a chord for two reasons:

Firstly, LEYF recently reviewed all its values and behaviours with the staff and many others. Like The Kindness Offensive, being kind to ourselves and others is a central behaviour and indeed today to celebrate this we have invited Audore, a masseuse from Return to Glory, to Central Office to help staff reduce the shoulder tension that comes from being hunched over computers all day long!
Secondly, We have been following the debate about British values and under-fives and kindness is at the core of both our values and our attitude to “British Values”.
On the International Random Acts of Kindness Week website they suggest ten kindness ideas.  Here are the ten LEYF Acts of Kindness which no doubt many of you all do every day not just for this week!

  1. Be kind to ourselves and others
  2. Share ideas – we do this with many groups including Middlesex University, International Early Years, Unesco, SSE, Social Enterprise UK, Fashion Enter, Teens and Toddlers, the GLL, South London YMCA and The Conservatoire.
    Staff at Marsham Street Community Nursery modelling their Fashion Enter tabards
  3. Love the children in your care
  4. Volunteer in your local community
  5. Share a curly wurly
  6. Remember to keep lunchtime a happy social event
  7. Visit the local elderly home
  8. Good leaders say thank you
  9. Support your local food bank Soho Family Centre donating groceries to their local food bank

And Remember,

10. Charity begins in the nursery