I’ll Drink to That!

May 15th 2018

If anyone ever asked me what my favourite Champagne was, I would have struggled to answer and probably remark on the benefits of the affordable Prosecco. However, since my recent introduction to Veuve Clicquot I can now categorically say that Madame Clicquot and her Rosé Champagne is definitely a favourite.

Not only does it flow well, but it’s the creation of the founder of the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award. For 45 years the Veuve Clicquot Awards has been seeking out women who have led business successfully. In the past two years they have extended that honour to women running businesses with a social purpose.

In truth, it’s not a world I ever thought to find myself – the awards last week were full of designer dresses (no, not from TK Maxx) and lovies straight out of Ab Fab. I recognised very few there except the host for the evening, Emily Maitlis from Newsnight. Apparently Tinchy Stryder was there. Shame I missed him as I wrote to Tinchy many years ago!

There were six finalists and three winners out of 800 entries. I was very proud of being one of the finalists. I have always said that social businesses will have made it WHEN they are in the same categories of other businesses. The recognition by Veuve Clicquot is a great step forward. To recognise that it is possible to run a successful business with a social purpose in any world is critical.  There are great social businesses in all areas from shoes to fashion, bags to gyms, transport to chocolate and magazines. We will have made it when we have a High Street of social businesses and the public recognise what social enterprise or social purpose means like they do Fairtrade bananas.

However, the winner this year was Amanda Nevill CEO of the BFI.

She was generous in her thanks and already we have connected. She has visited our Soho nursery and I don’t doubt that you can look forward to some great collaboration.  My fingers are crossed that we ultimately deliver the London Nursery Film Festival.

Congratulations to all the winners. You did Madame Clicquot proud.