12 Days of Christmas – Early Years Wrap

December 19th 2022

In the beginning of 2022

So here we are. The final blog of 2022. And hey, we’ve managed to get through what has been a year of discontent and foolishness. We started the year with the revelations of lockdown parties and ABBA sing alongs preparing us for the virtual Abba Voyage, a concert headlined by clones of their 1979 selves. A model which might be the only way we get decent politicians as Yes Minister was no longer an amusing sitcom but a real-life farce as we watched with growing incredulity the Conservatives destroy each other. Boris Johnson’s heartfelt apologies were rejected by his colleagues, and we saw a torrent of resignations and a Conservative leadership contest that resulted in us nearly having a lettuce for a Prime Minister. Instead, we got the short-lived reign of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng as our Prime Minister and Chancellor. The shock was all too much for the poor Queen who died after a reign of 70 years.  It triggered a huge emotional response which was a welcome relief from the divisive pseudo reality of the woke wars.

Yes Minister

… And then the war began

From February we were also trying to support Ukraine which was subjected to a special military operation from President Putin who started to annex other areas of the country. He didn’t expect the bravery of the Ukrainians led by President Zelensky.  They showed courage and leadership and pushed the Russian troops back with the support of a willing public. It was in stark contract to the selfish, self-seeking behaviour we were observing here among our leaders and the celebrities with the power to influence. Remember, Matt Hancock , the face of the Covid crisis  as our Health Secretary trying to carve a new career by becoming a competitor on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

How many Childcare Ministers?

We end the year with Rishi Sunak in charge and Jeremy Hunt as the Chancellor. We have our 24th or thereabouts Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families.  Apparently, we have no money for the poor to help address the cost-of-living rise but scandals of financial mis management and cronyism rewarded with seats in the House of Lords abound. The responses are two-fold, strikes and banks. Not the usual lock up the money type but warm banks, food banks and clothing banks. Unsatisfactory on all counts unless they drive a structure change, in our world of Early Years, children are having it tough.  They bear the brunt of poverty and national stupidity.  So, as we slip and slide into an icy 2023, let’s hope that we learn something from last year that makes us a bit kinder and wiser.  Here is a little spoof to get you in to mood. Sing it out loud


The Twelve Days of Christmas