COVID information for parents

Following the Government’s relaxation of COVID-19 rules, we reviewed the processes in our nurseries and relaxed our procedures from the beginning of March 2022.

We now allow parents to enter the nursery building at drop-off and pick-up times, but we ask parents to remain outside the nursery rooms. Children must be handed over to staff at the nursery room door.

Under the Government rules, positive cases of COVID in children or staff no longer require self-isolation. However, we ask that parents keep their child away from nursery if they have COVID.

Our nurseries are group settings and we need to keep staff and other children safe, in order to keep the nurseries open.

Hygiene processes in the nursery

All hygiene precautions and measures will still be maintained at a high level to protect our staff and children from infection. Only by continuing this system of control, will we ensure there are sufficient safeguards in place and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID and other infectious illnesses.

Parents should continue to wear masks or face coverings at drop-off and pick-up times. Please see our risk assessment here. 

Visitors to the nursery

Visitors must immediately wash their hands and use hand sanitiser on arrival at the nurseries.

All visitors, maintenance people, parents settling in children and non-LEYF staff must follow the hygiene protocols.

Show-arounds are permitted during working hours.

In-person nursery events (with parents present) are permitted in outdoor areas.

For all visitors, time should be spent outdoors as much as possible.

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