Coaching at LEYF

We deliver a coaching training programme, endorsed by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), to all staff who have line management responsibilities.

Effective workplace coaches won’t provide others with solutions or directions. Instead, they will use coaching techniques, ask thoughtful questions and offer gentle guidance to empower others to devise their own solutions and develop strategies to work towards mutually agreed goals.

Management team having a conversation

Coaching is central to our approach to adult learning for our staff. We recognise that coaching conversations are the most effective way to enable others to develop their critical reflection, challenge their thought process and extend their learning.

Coaching is the main method through which we support our staff to engage in meaningful reflection, navigate situations outside their comfort zone and reflect on their own professional aspirations.

All LEYF staff will have regular coaching conversations, both with their line managers, as part of the talent development process, and less-formal coaching conversations.

Manager and Teacher setting up a provocation together

At LEYF, we know that critiquing, challenging and reflecting on our own and others’ practice is key to driving continuous quality improvements. An understanding of coaching techniques enables us to do this in a supportive and empowering way.

As part of the LEYF Training Academy, we offer teachers and managers in our central office the opportunity to attend training workshops, which will equip them with the tools and skills they need to engage in coaching conversations with their team.

LEYF staff are also offered the opportunity to undertake a Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching, endorsed by the ILM.

Management team having a conversation

LEYF Training Academy

LEYF Training Academy is the first of its kind: a world-class academy of Early Years training and research.

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LEYF Pedagogy

Our unique seven-strand Pedagogy is interwoven into everything we do, to give all children wonderful learning experiences every day.

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Our educators and staff

Learn more about our knowledgeable and highly skilled teaching staff.