Talking Early Years with June O’Sullivan: In Conversation with Giles Andreae

October 1st 2020

Who Says Giraffes Can’t Dance? Well Giles Andreae did! He also reminded us that there is a Rumble in the Jungle and a Commotion in the Ocean and if you look hard enough you will find Captain Flinn with the Pirate Dinosaurs in Smuggler’s Bay.

Giraffe Can’t Dance reached the top five most best selling books in lockdown, not surprising because poor Gerald the Giraffe thinks he can’t dance and so cannot join his friends for the Jungle dance and feels  “so sad and so alone”.  This probably  reflected how a lot of people felt at the beginning of the pandemic but remembering Gerald and re-reading his story they were buoyed by the cricket’s lovely advice

“But sometimes when you’re different, you just need a different song”

I wanted to meet the author who charmed so many children and adults and lucky for me Giles agreed and together we made the very first Talking Early Years podcast. I have been wanting to do a podcast forever but there was always a reason to avoid stepping into a public conversation. But getting the chance to chat to Giles was the catalyst I needed.

I hope you enjoy our chat about how Giles started writing children’s books, what makes a great storybook, can teachers read stories and what made him write stories about being brave enough to be different.

Click HERE to listen.