Talking Early Years: In Conversation with Stephen Gribben

November 21st 2023

I was introduced to coaching by Stephen Gribben many years ago.  It was an interesting experience, and one I was not too sure how to make the best use of his generous pro bono service. However, I soon warmed to the idea of coaching which has remained with me and today we now put as many staff as possible through the Level 3 Diploma in Coaching.  Since then, Stephen has written a very informative book which has explored the subject even further.  

In this podcast we explore why people choose to be coached, what are their coaching intentions, do men are coached more than women and who chooses to be coached. A high proportion of those accessing coaching are CEOs, which does not surprise me because being a CEO is a lonely place whereby a CEO needs a space to think, to feel and just to download. You cannot do that with your team. 

Of course, coaching is more successful if you are clear about the real reasons you want to engage with one. It can be a suggestion from your manager as part of your self-development.  Stephen got very passionate about the difference between self-improvement and self-development and what that means. 

People have many reasons for having a coach, but it often starts because you want help to solve a problem or reframe it. For example, preparing to have a difficult conversation where the outcome is that both conversationalists survive and thrive from the conversation or being coached because you want to learn and not let your emotions dictate your choices, decisions and approaches or as singer/song writer, Cat Burns would say – avoid being a People Pleaser.  

This podcast explores these issues and many more and leaves you with some thoughts to guide you along the coaching pathway. Click above to listen