Talking Early Years with June O’Sullivan: in Conversation with Gill Jones

September 29th 2021

Listen and Listen Well is Gill Jones’ Mantra

Gill and I became friends under the most usual circumstances. I was very fed up with Ofsted and the attitude they had towards the Early Years sector and had begun the Ofsted Big Conversation.  I wanted us to have a say in how we inform, debate, engage and negotiate with our regulator in a more equitable and a fair way.  I represented the general view of the sector that Ofsted’s way of treating us with disdain and dismissal was good for no one. It would never drive improvement because quality grows on the collaboration tree.

Gill was appointed the Director of Early Years and she listened. She heard what we were saying, and she saw the conversation not as a conflict but as a force for good. She has been listening ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t take much to take the Early Years sector and Ofsted off course, so we have to keep the listening channels open and that includes our OBC. If you haven’t heard of them here are some links.

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Have a listen to Gill talk about her fourteen years at Ofsted, her passion for music and how she thinks the Early Years will continue to thrive.