Talking Early Years with June O’Sullivan: in Conversation with Bikeworks

October 27th 2021

Pedal Power to the Children and their Families 

It was a chance conversation with Jim Blakemore that led to the beginning of what has now become a strong relationship between LEYF and Bikeworks and has encouraged two wider conversations between our organsiations. The first was the importance of raising the profile of social enterprises and why this business model is sustainable, both economically and socially.  The second was about how nurseries can use bikes better to encourage young children to learn how to ride and stay active whilst supporting their families’ understanding of what drives a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling helps tackle a range of key issues for today’s society, from reducing child obesity, contributing to children’s confidence and self-esteem, to reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution. All of this demonstrates why increased investment in active travel is vital to address issues of social inclusion, health and well-being and the environment.

In this podcast, Jim and his co-founder and director, Zoe Portlock talk about the growth of Bikeworks, their response to COVID-19 and why access to bikes and cycling for children and families can help people build their inner confidence.

This year Bikeworks celebrates 15 years . Listen to their story and find encouragement as to how a flexible, agile and listening approach to business has led to their current growth and delivers a truly multi-generational service.