Get your thinking caps on – it’s London OBC

October 4th 2018

It’s marvellous to see so many OBC events happening across the country. They are a chance for us to get updates straight from the source – so get your thinking caps on, ready to engage and discuss!

London is OBC on Thursday 11th of October at 2pm @ Bain, 40 The Strand W1P 4LX 

The lovely Gill Jones and her colleagues Wendy Radcliffe, Penny Fisher and Elizabeth Coffey will be in attendance.  Get prepared, read up in advance and be ready to contribute so we all leave better informed. The agenda is as follows:

* Welcome and Introductions
* Minutes of the last meeting and any issues outstanding
* What we Understand by Self Regulation
* Gill Jones on changes and improvements Ofsted
* Feedback from the IT upgrade
* Ofsted update on Educating Bilingual Training
* Expert Panel
* Inspections, Inspectors and Emerging Trends
* Development Matters Update
* Ofsted Annual Report
* Safeguarding Changes

We have sold out places so if you cannot come, please let us know so we can open up Eventbrite to the waiting list. If you have not been able to get a ticket, we will publish the minutes on the OBC website after the event.