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About us

The London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) is a family of 37 community nurseries across London.

We work with communities and parents to enrich and extend children’s learning, so that each child is the best they can be.

For the last 114 years we’ve seen our organisation as a catalyst for long-term social change, as well as a successful business.

By supporting the next generation of people who will shape our world to become healthy, happy adults, we are changing the world one child at a time.

We're a social enterprise, and that means...

Profits invested in increasing impact

We reinvest all profit back into the business. This includes staff training and appreciation, continually developing our approach to learning, offering apprenticeships and growing our business so we can reach more children and families from diverse backgrounds.

Unique curriculum

We’ve designed our own research-based curriculum that supports children to grow up as confident and inquisitive explorers who love learning.


We give young adults an opportunity to train and start a career through our Apprenticeship Programme.

Working as a family

At LEYF we pride ourselves on creating a real family environment for our staff. In fact, we actually have a number of husband and wife teams along with cousins and grandparents that work across our nurseries!


We go beyond supporting children in our nurseries. We speak up for all of London’s children by campaigning to government and Ofsted for fair and appropriate early years policies and regulations, so the whole early years sector is working in the best interests of children and families.

Supporting disadvantaged families

We support 48% of our parents with a free nursery place, so children from less affluent families can access early years education and their parents can work. We are the largest provider of the free two year old offer in London. That means children from different backgrounds get to know each other, which is proven to have a positive impact on children's development. We also run nurseries in disadvantaged areas where there wouldn’t otherwise be a nursery available.

Our social impact