The Highs and Lows of the 12 Days of Christmas

December 20th 2017

Happy Christmas lovely people who bravely entered the Big Blogland House during 2017.

Thank you all for bothering to read my blogs throughout 2017. I hope they brought a wry smile, a reason to shout or the start of a pedagogical conversation. Now take a leaf out of Santa Claus’ book and have a mince pie, a carrot (for healthy eating) and a glass of wine – or sherry if there is any left after soaking the Christmas cake – then put on your best voice and sing this loudly:


On the first day of Christmas the Government sent to me; No more funding!…
On the second day of Christmas the nurseries sent to me; A plea for some more staffing
On the third day of Christmas Ofsted sent to me; A disappointing report called Bold Beginnings
On the fourth day of Christmas Health and Safety sent to me; A fire pit and a climbing tree
On the fifth day of Christmas the politicians sent to me; Jeremy Corbyn, fleetingly
On the sixth day of Christmas Bikeworks sent to me; 56 bicycles to reduce obesity
On the seventh day of Christmas the drag queens said to me; Watch as I read theatrically
On the eighth day of Christmas social enterprise sent to me; a thank you for helping social mobility
On the ninth day of Christmas the sector sent to me; an award for being influential from NMT
On the tenth day of Christmas men in childcare sent to me; entreating me to keep the debate going
On the eleventh day of Christmas the LEYF staff said to me; Hurrah for recognising our teaching
On the twelfth day of Christmas parents said to me; please get the 30 hours working


Happy Christmas, and here’s hoping for a marvellously pedagogically sound New Year!