Skittles experiment

Create a beautiful science experiment with Skittles

Create a beautiful science experiment with Skittles

Skittles experiment with water

Create a beautiful science experiment at home with Skittles sweets.

You will need:

  • Skittles sweets
  • warm water
  • a plate (preferably white – as this will highlight the colours)

What to do

Place the Skittles in a circle at the edge of the plate. Gently pour over the warm water until it reaches the sweets and the colours start to run. Encourage your child to observe the colours and talk about what might happen next.

Learning and development

This fun science experiment gives children the opportunity to predict what might happen when the warm water is added to the sweets, allowing them to explore the concept of cause and effect.

Once they have tried the experiment, children might choose to try it again, arranging the sweets to create particular patterns with the colours.

The Skittles experiment also offers a great opportunity for children to develop their vocabulary, by introducing new words like extrapolate, leach, blend, melt, dissolve, solid, liquid, rainbow, pattern etc.