Singing the Banana Song together

Sing a song about one of our favourite fruits

Sing a song about one of our favourite fruits

Music play with children can support both their physical and language development.

Singing and playing music can also help build children’s self-confidence and willingness to try something new.

Children enjoy listening to the tone, beat and rhythm of songs. Singing is a great way to help them develop communication through repetition and patterns in songs. It is also a lovely social activity that all members of the family, including older siblings, can join in with.

The good news is that young children don’t mind if you’re out of tune or if you can’t remember all the words!

In this video, our LEYF teacher, Ammani will be promoting healthy food choices for toddlers and pre-school children with a simple song about bananas.

Parents and children can prepare their banana along with Ammani as they sing the song, to get ready for a healthy and delicious snack!