Sing-along time

Have fun with sing-along time

Have fun with sing-along time

Singing is a great activity to enjoy with even the very youngest babies. The good news is that babies and young children don’t mind if you’re out of tune or if you can’t remember all the words!

Children enjoy listening to the tone, beat and rhythm of songs. Singing is a great way to help develop your baby’s communication through repetition and patterns in songs. It is also a lovely social activity that all members of the family, including older siblings, can join in with.

Many of our favourite songs include actions and you can help your child to learn some of the actions. As they sing along, perform the actions and anticipate the next part of the song, babies are developing their memory recall and retention.

In the video, Isha sings some of our favourite songs from nursery, so you can enjoy singing them with your babies and children. They will enjoy the familiarity of the songs and sharing them with you.