Sensory board

Learn new skills with a sensory board

Learn new skills with a sensory board

A homemade sensory board can give babies hours of enjoyment and exploration. And it is a great way to repurpose things you might have otherwise thrown away!

You will need:

  • a box or a piece of cardboard
  • some glue or tape
  • a range of sensory materials for the board, e.g. baby wipe pack openings, lids, fabrics, tissue boxes, kitchen roll tubes, tin foil

What to do

To make your homemade sensory board, start with a box or a piece of strong cardboard. Use glue or tape to securely attach lots of different sensory materials for your baby to explore.

It is important to avoid using materials with small parts as they present a choking hazard. Make sure all materials are securely attached to the board!

Learning and development

This activity develops babies’ fine motor skills. It also helps them to develop their problem-solving skills as they explore the board and work out different ways to play with it.

If you’re not sure how to make your sensory board, watch the video for ideas from LEYF teacher, Monique.