Recycling box fun and learning

There are so many interesting ways to use bottles and jars

There are so many interesting ways to use bottles and jars

In this video, LEYF teacher, Ben, explores some of the fantastic learning opportunities provided by the contents of our recycling bins. These activities can support your child’s physical development, number comprehension and help them get ready for writing.

Find out how to make bubble snakes with a plastic bottle, an old sock and some washing-up liquid.

Children can also have a go at writing or drawing outside, just using a plastic bottle and water. This can take your child from early mark-making to letter formations, while also having lots of fun outdoors. Bottles and jars can be used to make musical shakers for younger children. To help support science learning, parents and carers can talk to children about the different sounds made by plastic and glass.

Counting lids from jars and bottles is an easy way to help support children’s number comprehension at home.

Simply unscrewing lids from jars is a great way to build up strength in the arms, which will eventually help children when they start to write.