Rainbow Song with Makaton

Sing along to the Rainbow Song

Sing along to the Rainbow Song

Listening and interacting with music is a fun experience to promote learning with children. Providing musical experiences to children can help them learn the sounds and meaning of words. It can also develop their physical skills as well as encouraging self-expression.

In this video, our LEYF teacher, Sao, will be celebrating the rainbow through song. She will accompany the song with Makaton signing.

At LEYF, we use Makaton signing to support communication and language development. Signs and visual gestures used alongside singing or speech help to develop language and communication skills from babies to pre-school children and beyond.

Signing and singing are beneficial for children’s vocalisation, confidence, social skills, emotional development, well-being and self-esteem.

Parents will probably already know the Rainbow Song. So sing along at home with your pre-school children and let them help you to learn the Makaton signs they have been learning and enjoying at nursery.