Promoting positive eating habits

Ideas for promoting positive eating habits at home

Ideas for promoting positive eating habits at home

When children are showing signs of not wanting to eat or have taken a dislike to the foods you are eating at home, this can make parents feel anxious and worry about a child’s health. The good news is that it’s perfectly normal and many children will quickly grow out of it.

In this Talk with LEYF, Mandy shares some of the reasons why this can happen and suggests strategies you can try at home to help your child.

Rather than focus on what your child eats in one day, it’s best to focus on whether they are getting a balance over the week as a whole. If they are energetic, active and gaining weight as expected, there is no need to worry!

By having a regular routine, only offering healthy foods and making mealtimes fun, you can make eating an enjoyable experience for your child. Encourage children to try new foods, but don’t put pressure on, as it can turn mealtimes into a stressful situation for everyone.

Children who get involved with shopping for food and preparing meals will feel proud of themselves and more likely to eat.

If you don’t see an improvement, or your child appears lethargic, talk to your child’s key person at nursery or contact your GP or health visitor for advice.