Painting a mindful rainbow

Breathe deeply and create something beautiful

Breathe deeply and create something beautiful

Activities that include mindfulness and creativity are highly effective in supporting children’s focus on what is happening in the world around them.

Mindfulness can also support the development of self-resilience and confidence to express their emotions.

Mindfulness practice can help reduce children’s tantrums and angry outbursts. It will help improve their focus and attention span, as well as teaching children to make better decisions.

Practising mindfulness regularly from a young age will give children valuable life skills and tools to calmly and effectively deal with emotions and stress, as well as helping them become kind and compassionate.

In this video, LEYF’s pre-school teacher, Ozge, will be demonstrating how to create your very own calming rainbow at home, using mindful painting.

Toddler children paint with their fingers and breathe in and out as they paint their rainbow.