Making leaf monsters

Nature offers so many ways to learn and play

Nature offers so many ways to learn and play

Nature gives us an array of fun learning opportunities. In this video, LEYF teacher, Ricky, will be demonstrating how to use leaves to introduce mathematical concepts with an easy, creative activity you can try at home.

You will need:

  • a leaf
  • googly eyes (or make your own from paper)
  • a glue stick
  • kebab skewer or lolly stick
  • masking tape

What to do

Use the glue stick to stick a googly eye (or lots of googly eyes) to a leaf to create a monster. Then stick your stick to the back of the leaf using masking tape to create a leaf monster puppet.

Give your child the freedom to place the googly eyes where they want to, because the monster is their own creation. Finding leaves to make your monsters can be a fun learning experience for pre-school children.

Talk to your children about how many leaves they can find, the different sorts of leaves they can find and where they might find them.

Learning and development

As children start to create their leaf monsters, it is an opportunity to talk about similarities and differences between leaves and to introduce new vocabulary to describe the leaves.

Enjoy and have fun making your own leaf monsters!