Making fruit kebabs at home

Make this tasty and fun treat at home together

Make this tasty and fun treat at home together

Getting children involved with food preparation can increase their interest in food and the importance of what fuels their bodies. It can also support understanding of textures, tastes and sensory awareness.

In this video, our LEYF teacher, Stacey-Jane, will be creating some delicious fruit kebabs, which you can make at home with your pre-school child.

You will need:

  • a selection of fruits
  • kebab sticks
  • Greek yogurt (or similar) for the dipping sauce
  • blended fruit e.g. strawberries or honey or mint for the dipping sauce

Learning and development

As children create their fruit kebabs, parents can talk to them about the different fruits, their textures and the way they smell and taste. Children can also count the pieces of fruit on their kebab and create patterns with the different colours.

Making the dipping sauce is a great opportunity to talk to your children about quantities, as they count the spoons of yoghurt and blended fruit, needed to make the sauce.