Making a drum

Make a drum and play along with some of our favourite songs

Make a drum and play along with some of our favourite songs

Musical Futures is a project which has been designed to develop an entirely new music curriculum with LEYF.

It benefits children’s development by building engagement and relationships; building social, creative and educational capital; opportunities for celebration; and enhancing risk-taking, resilience and well-being through music.

In this video, Ruth, a LEYF teacher, demonstrates how to make a quick and easy musical instrument at home.

You will need:

  • paper
  • disposable cups
  • scissors
  • Sellotape
  • coloured pens or crayons
  • lentils, rice, stones or beads

What to do

Cut a circle of paper and decorate it, then fill your cup with the lentils or beads, before using the Sellotape to attach the paper as the top of your ‘drum’.

Encourage your child to use a stick or pen to beat their drum as they sing. They can also use it to make sounds by shaking.

Ruth encourages pre-school children and their families to sing along with some familiar songs and play their homemade musical instrument. She also sings a song which is popular with the pre-school children in nursery, but will probably be new to parents.