Learning with clothes pegs

Pegs can be such a great tool for learning

Pegs can be a great tool for learning

Colourful clothes pegs offer many great learning opportunities for children.

In this video, LEYF teacher, Ben, demonstrates just some of the ways pegs support young children’s muscle development, pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination.

Simply using pegs to attach to clothes or towels helps children develop their muscle control and pincer grip.

Pegs can be used to play a game with your children, in which pegs are clipped around the home and the child has to find them. This will get them moving and active and will involve some (safe) climbing, as well as crawling and stretching to reach all of the hidden pegs.

For toddlers, pegs can be used to help them recognise and continue a pattern.

Pegs are an easy and visual way to help pre-school children begin to understand addition and subtraction.

For pre-school children, pegs can also be used to help with phonics and sounds. Parents and carers can write letters on the pegs to help children form simple words or spell out their own name.