How the lungs work

Combine science and physical activity with the Lung Experiment.

Combine science and physical activity with the lung experiment

Create a simple lung experiment at home for children to try.

You will need:

  • paper
  • pens
  • straws
  • two balloons
  • scissors
  • Sellotape

What to do

Cut out two paper lung shapes and stick them onto another piece of paper. Place the two straws side by side, attach the top halves together with Sellotape and bend the bottom halves away from each other. Attach a balloon to the end of each straw and secure with Sellotape. Children can then blow into the straws to watch the balloons rise and fall like lungs.

Learning and development

The lung experiment shows children how one really essential part of the human body works.

The activity brings together physical development and science.

As part of the activity, you can discuss the importance of fitness with children, and introduce different forms of exercise, such as yoga, riding a bike, climbing trees or creating a home obstacle course.