Easy memory game

Test your memory with this fun game

Test your memory with this fun game

Making learning fun supports children’s engagement and concentration levels.

Using memory games can provide children with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, as well as cognitive skills.

In this video, our LEYF teacher, Bethlehem, is going to show you a fun memory game with everyday items you already have at home.

The memory game also helps develop children’s communication and language skills, as they talk about the different objects.

This game for pre-school children is very easy to set up. Start with around six different objects on a table or tray. Show them to the children and give them a few seconds to remember what is there. Then cover the objects with a cloth or tea towel and remove one of them. Can your child spot what is missing?

Children may like to find their own objects to include in the game.

Older siblings will probably want to join in and, if your children are finding it too easy, try increasing the number of objects you use.