Easy indoor obstacle course

Get active with an indoor obstacle course

Get active with an indoor obstacle course

Child crawls through an indoor tunnel

Being indoors doesn’t mean your child can’t be active! Help your toddler burn off some energy by working together to create a fun indoor obstacle course.

You will need:

  • movable furniture
  • blankets
  • cushions

What to do

You can use any safe furniture, accessories or soft furnishings to create your obstacle course at home. Try using cushions to jump on or over, a blanket over a table to create a tunnel and chairs for your children to weave in and out of.

Learning and development

This activity will get your toddler moving and their heart racing, which is important for their overall health.

The obstacle course will also develop their strength and physical coordination, through using different muscle groups, as they negotiate their way through the course.

Working together to create the course will enhance their communication and negotiation skills, as you and your children discuss the possible ways you can arrange your obstacle course.