Easy craft activities

Classic crafts to try at home together

Classic crafts to try at home together

In this video, Ricky shares four classic craft activities that pre-school children love doing at nursery – creating a collage, a lantern, a stained glass window and a paper snowflake.

Parents and carers may recognise the activities from their own childhoods!

Making a collage helps build children’s confidence as they decide for themselves which images they would like to use. It is great for developing hand-eye coordination, as children cut out their pictures (with adult help if needed) and stick them onto a surface.

Using a ruler and drawing a line while making a lantern develops great skills to get them ready for writing.

Making a stained glass window is a fantastic opportunity to introduce new language to the children, like translucent and transparent. Children can also look at the windows around their home to see where the light falls to enhance their stained glass windows.

Making a classic paper snowflake is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts, like whole, half and quarter, as well as encouraging creativity as children cut shapes into their snowflakes.