Building with recycling

Build and experiment using your recycling

Build and experiment using your recycling

You and your family can create some wonderful designs and constructions using everyday items you can find around your home – from toilet rolls and plastic bottles to cereal boxes and empty tin cans.

Recycling construction is an easy and cheap way of getting creative at home. Because the resources are free, children have complete freedom to explore and use their imaginations. If you were going to recycle it, why not keep hold of it to see what your children can create? They might surprise you!

Through recycling construction, children are becoming builders, scientists, mathematicians and artists. If it doesn’t work out first time, they can simply try again. They might even choose to knock it down or blow it down themselves. How strong does a tower need to be before they can’t blow it down?

This fun activity supports mathematical learning, weight distribution, quantities and exploring the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. Recycling construction can also help develop language, by learning new words such as assemble, dismantle, manufacture and many more.