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More men in Early Years

More men in Early Years

LEYF is on a mission to get more men into the Early Years sector!

Our focus for this year is to widen the talent pool in order to staff the sector with high quality male nursery teachers and assistants. 

It is no secret there is a shortage of male workers in childcare and we must implement new initiatives to support men who are keen to have a career in this industry. We believe men in childcare should be celebrated not feared!

As part of our workforce strategy Bain hosted our Men in Childcare Margaret Horn Debate on 28th November 2017.  

The debate raised some fundamental issues about changing people's perceptions of men in the sector, promoting diversity as well as social inclusion. Read Our Men in Childcare report here  

To take on board some of the concerns that was raised from this debate we set ourselves a challenge and that was to raise the profile of men in Early Years more specifically our male staff in our nursery settings. If we want to strive for change, we must of course facilitate change.

We have teamed up with inews to create a case study which champions workforce diversity and inclusiveness with one of our very own LEYF Teachers 'Jamel Campbell'.

Jamel's case study provides a refreshing look of what it's like to work as a nursery teacher. The piece helps to break down the misconceptions surrounding men in childcare and provides a positive view of working in a nursery setting. 

Jamel works in our House of Commons Nursery and has been a part of the LEYF family for several years. 

Read Jamel's case study here  

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