Where The Wild Things Are storytime

Listen to our morning story

Listen to our storytime

At LEYF, we believe in the importance of books and storytelling with our children from a very young age. Sharing books and stories supports children’s communication development and also builds a love for the written word.

Reading stories to children can show them different worlds, extraordinary characters and amazing situations to expand and enrich their own worlds.

Reading stories with children helps them develop their vocabulary as they come across new and interesting words.

Listening to stories is also a great way to help young children deal with real-life situations, which might otherwise prove challenging for them.

In this video, Ruth, a LEYF teacher, shares a great version of the classic children’s story, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

Parents and children can enjoy the story together at home. Why not help bring the story alive for your child by acting out the characters throughout the book?

After the story, you could also talk to your child about what happened and why they think Max and the Wild Things behaved in certain ways.