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Top 5 Educational Play Activities For Children

We're big believers in learning though play. Getting your little one involved in something educational while also having fun is easy and rewarding for both of you. Here are 5 of our favourite educational play activities

1)  Measuring

2041a8b5aa35e7cc52b9df2a5322f546.jpgMost of us will agree number and units aren't the most thrilling of subjects, so turning measuring into a game can be a great way to teach children some basic numeracy. Measure them, measure their toys, measure everything that they’re interested in to keep their attention! Turn it into a game -  once they have a basic understanding of measurement and numbers have them guess the sizes of various objects in the house. Alternatively, bring them into the kitchen for some fun cooking that involves measuring!

2)  Singing

Singing is a great way to introduce words and vocabulary to your children as well as inciting an interest in music – and of course, singing is fun!

Classic nursery rhymes like 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' can be great exercises in pronunciation and tons of fun. Or make up your own songs with your child to teach them particular words or phrases. We do lots of singing in our nurseries as a group, which also allows our children to interact with each other and develop their social skills. Singing in front of others is also a great way to build confidence.

3)  The story game

The story game is a fantastic way to encourage creativity as well as boosting vocabulary, creativity and writing skills. Start with a word and let your child say the next word before bringing it back to you. This will eventually create a short little story!  And this game can be played with multiple children so it's great for parents with bigger families or hosting play dates.

4)  Draw my day

A fun game that can also help your child develop their story telling and artistic skills. Have your child draw out the favourite parts of their day and encourage them to label each drawing with a word or two. This can help them to develop their drawing and literacy skills as well as being a fun activity to keep them occupied before bed time! It's also a great way to boost their self-confidence, and you should notice some proud little faces when they show you their work.

5)  Creative Colours

120c96866da29dd7e2a1cdf643c825cf.jpgTeach your child the basic colours in a fun way! Get them to finger paint a canvas and name the colours as they go. Or venture round the house and have them name the different colours of objects you point out. You could even turn this into a fun colour outing. How many green foods can they spot in the supermarket? How many yellow cars went past on the journey there?

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