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Throwing the best birthday party for your little one

Throwing the best birthday party for your little one

Children’s birthday parties are a great tradition and should be treated with care and respect. Your little one’s special day is an important thing to celebrate but we know the perfect birthday party can be difficult to plan so we’re here to make things that bit easier!

1)  The Plan

Now, you may not think that a child’s birthday party doesn’t require a lot of planning but that’s where you’d be wrong! In order for the party to go off without a hitch you need to make your party has a schedule. Give yourself a time frame to work within and stick to it for success!

2)  Activities

The meat of any good party for children is a good list of activities and fun things to do! Now, depending on the venue (E.G your house or a local community hall) activities will vary. If you’ve got some room to play with a treasure hunt is always a fun game to play! Or maybe some kind of arts and crafts table for the little ones to indulge their inner creative. If you’ve got a smaller venue having a fancy dress party is a great way to inject some fun into your party in limited space.

3)  Food

A party isn’t complete without food! However, when feeding young children you need to be careful! Some of your party guest may have allergies or specialist dietary requirements that you should accommodate. Ask the parents of your miniature guests if their little ones have any specific diet requirements. Additionally, strive to serve healthy food where possible. Sugary treats and drinks aren’t always the best option. 

4)  Party Bags

Children love these party favours and parents hate creating them! Fear not, party bags aren’t that difficult to deal with. If you’re putting edibles into these bags it is, again, advisable to check on the dietary requirements of your guests and see if their allergic to anything or don’t eat specific sweets (e.g, sweets that contain gelatine aren’t suitable for children who are vegetarian or don’t eat pork).

So, these are our tips for throwing an excellent birthday party for your little ones. If you’ve got any tips get in touch with us over on Twitter or Facebook! 

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