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The Importance Of Music In A Child's Development

Did you know that after only 18 weeks in the womb a baby is able to hear sound? And after 24-25 weeks they can respond? Music is also great for your little one's development once they arrive too...

Many people don't realise that music actually stimulates the parts of your child’s brain that directly relate to maths and reading. So, if you want your little one to get a head start on their academic career, introducing them to music at a young age is a great way start.

You can try encouraging them to play a musical instrument, this is a great way to help improve a child’s confidence. Practicing a piece until they get it right, no matter how basic, will really boost their self esteem and do wonders for their social development. Set up a little stage at home and pop yourself in the front row (yes, listening to your child bang out 'Frere Jacques' might be half an hour of your life you'll never get back but trust us, the beam of pride as you applause will be priceless).   

Along with self-discipline and perseverance, playing a musical instrument also teaches patience. In a world where everyone wants everything now, that's an invaluable quality to have. And does your little one think they're the next Adele? Singing is closely linked to speech development; the rhythm and rhyme of those (yes, slightly irritating) nursery favourites really do help your child get familiar with language.  

Finally, music inspires creativity!  Playing or listening to music as a child can help to foster creativity that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

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