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The Benefits Of Play

The benefits of play

Play is often dismissed as frivolous fun, and we hear so many parents talking about 'education rather than play' when actually, the two are so interlinked they are almost one and the same. At LEYF we believe that play has a vital role in a child’s education. Without it, no child would be able to develop properly.

First of all, play is a great way for a child’s imagination to grow and blossom. With imaginative play, simple everyday objects can become the most exciting toys! Not only does encouraging this type of imaginative play boost a child’s creativity, it can also encourage them to think for themselves and interpret situations and objects independently (as well as having loads of fun). 

Another benefit of play is that it can help with a child’s social skills. By encouraging your child to play with other little ones, you can help them to understand other people and teach them how to integrate well into society. Playing with others can also teach your child all about sharing and being patient - not always a toddler's forte!

Play can also affect children's physical development. If your child is the outdoors type, encourage them to safely run, jump and climb (with your supervision, of course). These activities will not only provide a boost to your little one’s fitness but they will also help to improve their dexterity and instill a love of the great outdoors in them!

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