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Taking Your Child on Their First Holiday

Going on holiday in the summer is a Great British tradition! Whether you’re jetting off to a beaming sunny paradise or relaxing in a cottage in the beautiful British countryside, everyone loves a holiday! But once you’ve brought little ones into the equation it becomes an entirely different experience! But don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you through this new experience.

1)  Location, location, location

Now that you’ve had children you can’t necessarily go to all the places you used to visit. Visits to Las Vegas are certainly off the cards! You need to do some research into your destination before you book your trip and see which places are child friendly. In 2016, some of the best holiday destinations for families with young children were Salema, Algarve, Portugal, Ugento, Puglia, Italy and The Isle Of Wight. Once you’ve decided where to go it’s time to prepare!

2)  Preparation is the key to victory

Once you’ve decided upon your holiday destination it’s time to prepare! You’ll need to pack the appropriate clothing for your destination and the amount of time you intend to be there. But you’ll also need to research some of the fun family activities you can do when you reach your destination. Preparing some sort of schedule will really help to keep you and your child happy and entertained throughout their first holiday!

3)  The Airport/The Journey

If you’ve decided to fly out for your holiday, the chances are you’ll spend a good amount of time sitting around waiting. Young children are bundles of energy and all this waiting can drive them nuts! In order to circumvent any potential tantrums, make sure you have some activities to keep them occupied – story books you can read to them, colouring books etc. Likewise, if you’ve decided to holiday in the British countryside and are driving there, make sure you have plenty of things for your little ones to do – especially if they’ve begun talking and can say “Are we there yet?”!

4)  Come Fly With Mummy

If you are going to a foreign destination you’ll have to deal with the flight. Many children will be extremely excitable on an airplane as it’s an entirely new, wondrous experience for them. However, it can also be scary and result in tears! Make sure you keep your child happy and comfortable whilst in the air – for their sakes and the sakes of your fellow passengers!

5)  Have fun!

What’s the point in taking a holiday if you don’t have fun! There are tonnes of child friendly activities for you to participate in wherever you go. Make sure to fully take advantage of your time away! 

So these are our tips for taking your little one on their first holiday! Got any tips of your own? Share them with us over on Twitter  or Facebook ! 

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