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What to wear - A guide to dressing your little one this summer

Dressing your little one is no easy task – they need to be comfortable and fresh throughout the day and that can be difficult with how energetic these little ones can be! But fear not LEYF is here to guide you through the trials and tribulations of dressing your child in summer!

1)  Cotton Fabrics

Cottons are a vital part of your little one’s wardrobe In the summer, especially on those sweltering days in London! Cotton is an incredibly light and breathable fabric that will help your child stay relatively cool, keeping them happy!

2)  Hats ‘N Caps

When the sun’s bright and mighty and shades hard to come by you’ll be glad you took our advice and bought a hat for your little one! Young children’s skin is extremely sensitive and it’s important to bring sun cream out with you as well as of course a sun hat to keep your little one solar safe.

3)  Colourful Clothing 

Children love bright colours in general so this is a tip they can get down with! Darker colours such as black and navy are more prone to absorbing heat and this means dark clothing will make wearers hotter than brighter colours. Therefore, to keep your little one cool you should dress them in bright and light colours! 

4)  The long and short of it

This tip probably goes without saying but we thought we would remind you anyway! When the weather is warm it’s suggestible for your little one to wear shorts to keep them cool. In fact we recommend people of all ages wear shorts when it’s warm to keep cool! 

5)  Sunglasses for your son (or daughter)

Another vital item for parents to pack are sunglasses! Not only will your little one look like the coolest dude or dudette on the street, their little peepers will be protected from damage from the sun! 

6)  Sandals (no socks)

Who doesn’t like to feel the breeze on their toes when it’s hot out? Sandals are an indispensable item for parents looking to keep their little ones cool in the hot season! Often Sandals are relatively inexpensive and go a long way in keeping cool in the summer!

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