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Staff testimonials

"What struck me about LEYF was the immense opportunities for growth. Training has consistently been available which has really helped enhance my skill set." Natasha, Queensborough Community Nursery
"LEYF have given me so many opportunities to train and learn." Elizabeth, Queens Park Nursery
"What would I change about working for LEYF? Nothing, nothing and nothing" LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"LEYF has children, families and communities at its heart. They are passionate about providing positive learning and development for each and every child" LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"I know that LEYF is the company to give me a better future " Skye, LEYF Apprentice
"I love that LEYF staff are encouraged to think outside the box." Richard, Furze Nursery
"I feel a sense of job satisfaction that I know I wouldn't achieve anywhere else." Conor, Lisson Green Nursery
"LEYF stands up for all children and strives to provide better opportunities for the children in our care. We are always willing to try new things and make a difference to families in London" LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"The fact that the CEO remembered my name and acknowledged my progress is what makes LEYF different from other nursery services. " Jamal, Henry Fawcett Nursery
"I have worked for LEYF for nearly two years now and I love it. They are like a family and treat staff fantastically and have the upmost standards. My nephew and friend’s children attended Abbots Manor Nursery and the practice was amazing." Lucyanna, Luton Street Nursery
"The best thing about working for LEYF is making a valuable social impact for London's children. Every decision we make is child centred and we are given the freedom to be creative and brave " LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"Despite the large size of the organisation, all staff are treated fairly – I’ve been able to talk to people at the top of the organisation and feel that my input is genuinely appreciated." Natasha, Queensborough Community Nursery
"I feel as though my input and contributions are ackowledged and valued. I am also given opportunities to build on my knowledge and expertise" LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"I love that LEYF isn't about profit margins it’s about providing a positive social impact on communities." Conor, Lisson Green Nursery
"I love having a sense of belonging to something great and being part of a growing family. I also admire that LEYF is child focused and genuinely improves children’s lives" LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"The best thing about working for LEYF is the support you receive and the opportunities to further develop your skills and knowledge. We are all one big family who support and believe in all that we do. " LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)
"My favourite thing about working with LEYF is that our ideals are around families and children, not about making money. You feel valued as a staff member and there is a lot of opportunity for development and progression here " LEYF staff member (2014 staff survey)