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LEYF Nurseries in South West London

Abbots Manor Community Nursery

Address: Sutherland Street, London SW1V 4JP (near Pimlico and Victoria stations)
Tel: 020 7834 6033
Manager: Enisa Vehabovic
Ofsted rating: 'Good' (May 2014)

Abbots Manor has formed very strong links with the local community over the last three decades. Staff are enthusiastic about giving children fantastic learning opportunities and preparing them for the transition to school. Lots of our children's parents used to attend Abbots Manor themselves, and we even have a member of staff who attended the nursery when they were a child! The Abbots Manor team is friendly, knowledgeable and passionate.

Angel Community Nursery

Address: St Gabriel's School, Churchill Gardens, London SW1V 3AG (near Pimlico station)
Tel: 020 7828 1922
Manager: Christel Brown
Ofsted rating: 'Outstanding' (March 2016)

Angel's fantastic team and beautiful nursery garden make it truly unique; it's a safe haven in the middle of a very busy city.

Bessborough Community Nursery

Address: 1 Bessborough Street, London SW1V 2JD (near Pimlico and Vauxhall stations)
: 020 7641 6387
Maria Goncalves
Ofsted rating: 'Outstanding' (December 2013)

Bessborough has friendly, skilled and motivated staff team. There are three large group rooms for babies, 2-3s and preschool children. All are bright with inclusive environments that promote learning opportunities for all of the children. There is also a beautiful, large, outdoor area and the family friendly setting is a real part of the local community.

Brixton Community Nursery

Address: 27 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8QQ (near Brixton station)
Tel: 020 7062 0466
: Tania Silva
Ofsted rating
: This nursery has been registered by Ofsted but is still awaiting assessment

The nursery is family friendly and welcoming, with a great location in the vibrant and exciting centre of Brixton. Children go on regular outings to the market or local parks in the community. The well-resourced environment is designed to suit the needs of each individual child. We also work in partnership with another social enterprise (GLL), which enables us to share ideas and means we are able to promote the importance of health and fitness to our children and families.

Earls Court Community Nursery

Address: 65 Philbeach Gardens, London SW5 9EE (near Earls Court, West Brompton and West Kensington stations)
Tel: 020 7835 1817
: Nausheen Khan
Ofsted rating: 'Outstanding' (September 2015)

Earls Court is a beautiful nursery set in a lovely, old Victorian house full of space and natural light for children to freely explore. Children play and learn under the watchful eyes of trained and highly motivated practitioners. The team are passionate about enabling children to develop their skills through play and deliver tailored educational programmes which meet the needs of each individual child, nurturing their uniqueness and giving them the right tools to reach their full potential while having boundless fun.

House of Commons Nursery

Address: House of Commons, 1 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2NE
Tel: 020 7219 1592
: Anjali Deb-Mukherjee
Ofsted rating: 'Good' (August 2015)

Our workplace nursery is unique, catering exclusively for parents or carers with a permanent parliamentary pass who are either a Member of Parliament or their staff, House of Commons or PICT employee, House of Lords Peer or their staff, Press Gallery Media or Whitehall Parliamentary pass holder, or Contractor situated on the Parliamentary estate. The children benefit from daily trips to the park or other places of interest. The nursery receives lots of positive feedback on their friendly and approachable staff.

Marsham Street Community Nursery

Address: 121 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4LX
Tel: 020 7233 8341
: Leonie Butler
Ofsted rating: 'Outstanding' (December 2013)

Marsham Street Nursery features a newly refurbished garden, complete with a climbing wall! The setting also boasts a lovely sensory room and friendly staff.

Stockwell Gardens Nursery

Address: King George's House, 40 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9ES
Tel: 020 7737 5033
: Michelle Samuels
Ofsted rating: This nursery has been registered by Ofsted but is still awaiting assessment

Stockwell Gardens has a great family feel, everyone is welcome and children feel secure while being able to flourish while having fun.

Townmead Community Nursery

Address: Cairns House, 291 Wandsworth Bridge Road, London SW6 2NX
Tel: 020 7736 8128
: Feryal Yuksel
Ofsted rating: This nursery has been registered by Ofsted but is still awaiting assessment

This bright and spacious nursery is located in a secure residential area on the Wandsworth Bridge Road in Fulham. There are three large group rooms which have access to a lovely outside garden where children are inspired to explore, have fun and learn in a safe and secure environment.

The Weir Link Nursery

Address: 33 Weir Road, London SW12 0NU
Tel: 020 8772 8597
: Tanya Diederick
Ofsted rating: This nursery has been registered by Ofsted but is still awaiting assessment

The staff team at Weir Link strive to ensure that each child in their nursery is happy, well cared for and supported as they grow and learn. The setting is based within The Weir Link Children's Centre, and has three separate learning spaces including a large open plan classroom for under 2s, 2-3s and preschool.

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