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Settling in

Making parents feel comfortable

Before your child starts at nursery we will work with you to agree a settling plan where you will accompany them to nursery for an agreed (but flexible) time, gradually reducing your presence. Our staff are very flexible and will work around you and your child’s needs. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend three settling in visits with their child.

On the first visit, parents will be shown round the nursery by their child’s key person who will be available to welcome the family and answer any questions or queries. Our aim is for the parents to experience the nursery atmosphere and understand the routine.

The settling in period will depend on the needs of your child.  At first, you will be in the room with your child and this will gradually be decreased throughout the period to allow them to form a secure attachment to their key person.

Every child is different, and some will settle in quicker than others. We work with each child and parent to make the transition as easy as possible.

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