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Preparing Your Child for Their First Day at Nursery

0da4e0cf13444813a1f92250357da675.jpgWe know that the first day at nursery is a big step for you and your little one, but we're with you every step of the way. Here’s a few things you can do to make your child’s first day at nursery that much easier for both of you - and hopefully keep those tears at bay!

Firstly, try to introduce the idea of nursery slowly in a way your child can understand. Why not read them a story about nursery or role play with them, doing your best impression of an early years practitioner. This can help your child become comfortable with (and maybe even excited about!) the idea of nursery, and help them feel like it is the next, natural step to take.

1d6c1be7057475cb688c5c4d6df87a5d.jpgSecondly, start to introduce the idea of being away from parents and with other adults. Leave your child with a relative or trusted friend for small periods of time so they can become accustomed to being without you. This will help to build up their self-confidence and allow them (and you!) to get used to spending time apart.

Finally, when the day itself comes you need to be there to support your little one. No matter how much you prepare, that first day will always be tough. You need to show your child that you are comfortable and in charge of the situation, and they should follow your lead. This show of confidence can do wonders to assure them that nursery is the right place for them to be.

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