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How we create social impact

The LEYF Impact Model

Our ambition is to change the world one child at a time. The experiences children have before age five set them up for the rest of their lives, and research shows that nursery education best supports children’s early development. Before age three our brains develop faster than any other point in our lives, and nursery education in proven to give children a significant social and intellectual advantage at primary school, through to adulthood.

Too many parents, especially women, want to work but are locked out of the workplace because of the cost of childcare. As a result too many children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are missing out on the high quality early education they need to set them up for life. To make sure parents and children from all backgrounds can afford a nursery place, we run nurseries in some of London’s most disadvantaged areas, subsidise 48% of our parents to access a free nursery place and are the largest provider of the free two year old offer in London.

By giving children a high quality nursery education, supporting their parents to work, creating jobs for young people through our apprenticeship programme and campaigning for fair early years policies, we’re helping whole communities to thrive now and in the future.

Thank you to our partners

Social Business Trust

Social Business Trust (SBT) has supported LEYF since 2010 with grants and generous in-kind business support. SBT uses its considerable resources and experience to help accelerate the growth of social enterprises, generating increased social impact and sustainable, positive change.

Big Issue Invest and Bridges Ventures

Bridges Ventures and Big Issue Invest are leading social impact investors. In 2014 they invested £1,250,000 to support LEYF’s growth strategy to reach 5,000 children and their families by 2017. Bridges is a UK based investment firm whose commercial expertise is used to deliver both financial returns and social and environmental benefits and Big Issue Invest is the social investment arm of the Big Issue, helping to prevent poverty and inequality by backing sustainable social enterprises, charities and ventures. National Westminster Bank, our bankers for many years, provided an overdraft facility to go alongside Bridges’ and Big Issue’s investments.

Clearly So

Clearly So provided LEYF with invaluable social investment advice through the Social Investment Business’ ICRF fund, helping us to secure investment in 2014.

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